The Teaching Series

Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short video teachings about. 12-20 minutes in length (also available as a podcast) that will help you study the Bible and understand its original context. Great for personal use, small group study, teams, family time, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions, and at times, additional resources for going deeper. Look out for new teaching every other Tuesday. Don’t want to miss an episode?

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Episode 017 – Saying Yes To The Best

We say “yes” to a lot of things, but are they the things we should be saying “yes” to? Jim Collins has said that “the good is the enemy of the great.” We can get so caught up in doing “good” things that we miss out on the “best” things.

Episode 016 – Seizing Tassels

In Luke 8, a woman grabs the corner of Jesus’ garment and is instantly healed. It’s a bizarre story, until you understand the stunning connections she’s making, and why she does what she does. But even more stunning is Jesus’ tender response, and the implications of his invitation for us to come to him for help and healing despite our uncleanness, hesitations, fears, and messes.

Episode 015 – Loving God By Loving Others

Many of us know Jesus’ statement about loving God and loving others in Matthew 22. But I’m guessing most of us don’t know the Gezerah Shavah behind it that makes it even more fascinating, revolutionary, and challenging than we thought.

Episode 014 – Blessing God 100 Times A Day

There’s an ancient Jewish practice that revolutionized my prayer life and fostered an awareness of both God and gratitude that I hadn’t accessed on a regular basis before. In this short teaching, I share what that practice is and how it can have a significant impact on your life as well.

Episode 013 – Grounded In Gratitude

It's really easy to focus on what’s notgoing well in our lives, rather than being grateful for what isgoing well. But what would happen if we allowed gratitude to be what grounded us? How would we then view the challenging things in our lives?

Episode 011 – To Live Is To Give

The Sea of Galilee is bursting with life and vitality. The Dead Sea is toxic and nothing can survive. And yet they’re both fed by the same source – the Jordan River. How can this be? The answer is utterly fascinating, and its truth speaks to one of the most significant realities of how we flourish in life.

Episode 010 – Make Music With What Remains

I’m a really hopeful person, especially on the heels of celebrating the resurrection. But at times, I despair about the condition of our world and the struggles of life. Perhaps you do as well. That’s why I share a fascinating story that has helped me tremendously in addressing these moments and finding the courage to press on.

Episode 009 – Victory In The Garden (Resurrection)

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in human history, and each of the gospel writers tell the story in a way to highlight different aspects. This teaching explores how John records it, and how he employs the “8th Sign” and “garden” themes to boldly declare that sin, death, pain, brokenness, and chaos do not get the final word.

Episode 008 – Dying To Expectation

One of the most challenging aspects of faith is unmet expectations - that gap between what we thought/hoped God would do and what actually occurred. So how do we deal with those moments? That's what this teaching addresses as we explore the bizarre exchange between Jesus and Peter at Caesarea Philippi.

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