Context Changes Everything

Let’s be honest, the Bible can be challenging to understand and apply. This often leaves us feeling confused, discouraged, and helpless. Which is devastating, because everyone should be able to read and understand the greatest story in human history.

The confusion (and misinterpretation) occurs when we read the Bible through the lens of our own context without first understanding the Bible through the lens of its original context. Context is everything. Only when we understand what it meant for the people back then can we truly understand and apply what it means for us today.

We have forgotten that we read the Bible as foreigners, as visitors who have traveled not only to a new geography, but to a new century. We are literary tourists who are deeply in need of a guide.

Gary M. Burge

In helping tens of thousands of people do so over the last thirteen years, my desire is to guide and empower you to see the Bible anew and engage it in its original context of history, culture, geography, visual settings, language, and literary design. And don’t worry. I’ll do so in a way that anyone can understand. The goal is to make the Bible easier to understand, not more difficult. But let’s not stop there. Knowledge without transformation is hollow. I’ll also provide you with helpful ways to walk out the Bible truths in your life. By experiencing the Text (Bible) in context and walking it out, I believe your passion for the Biblical Story, and for living out your own story more intentionally, will soar!

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Too many people go through life never learning how to engage the most powerful story in history.

We want you to experience the clarity and joy that burst forth when you read and apply the Bible
as it was intended.