Episode 047 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 4: Son of God

Key Passage(s): Matthew 1:18-25

It’s Christmas Eve! Which means it’s the perfect time to conclude our Genealogy Christmas by looking at Jesus being the Son of God, and how Matthew is helping us understand the magnitude of his identity and calling by using the names “Jesus” and “Immanuel.” As we explore these names, we’ll be reminded of why we celebrate Christmas and are able to have the hope that we have. God became man, and our lives will never be the same because of it. May you be overwhelmed with joy as you’re reminded of the significance of the coming of Jesus, who is Immanuel!

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching?
  • At the beginning of this series, what did you identify you were specifically waiting or longing for this Christmas season? Did God meet you in the way you had desired?
  • In what ways might God be showing up in your life right now that is different than you expected or that you’ve haven’t been noticing? Do you find it hard to trust God when circumstances don’t resolve how you hoped?
  • It was shared in this episode that “God’s presence isn’t contingent upon our expectation, God’s presence is revealed in our awareness.” Does your life currently reflect an awareness of God walking with you in the midst of the highs and lows of this life?
  • How will you begin to grow in your awareness that God is always with you this week?
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  1. Bill Black December 24, 2018 at 11:01 am - Reply

    Clarify the evolution of the prophecies concerning the Messiah, not necessarily the man called Jesus, and the terms used to describe the supposed Messiah-Jesus.
    From OT-He shall be called….Isaiah 9:6-7….then to
    Gabriel calling Him Emmanuel-which we never hear again ???, then in Matt-
    genealogy of Jesus the Messiah-futuristic for sure,
    then the birth of YASHUA-the Salvation of YEHOVAH-Jesus
    Jesus ? the Messiah
    then called the lamb of YEHOVAH,
    then Son of YEHOVAH
    then the Son of Et ha Adam -man.
    In the original, all references to the Jewish YEHOVAH who is the one offering, via TORAH-salvation and eternal life.
    In Jewish connotation all wrapped up in the offer to Israel first then Gentiles (John 3:16) from YEHOVAH not Jesus who reveals that He is :
    the way-TORAH
    the Truth_TORAH
    the Life (eternal) TORAH.
    And if we read this this way:
    If we walk in the light-TORAH
    as He (Jesus and YEHOVAH) is IN the Light-TORAH
    THEN and only THEN do we have fellowship ONE with the Other?
    (the effectual fervent ? prayer of a righteous man availeth much?) and
    THEN-1 John 1:7 –the blood of YASHUA-future Messiah and Messianic time ? the Salvation of YEHOVAH-not YASHUA ?
    Some time in the coming year?

    • Brad Gray December 27, 2018 at 2:13 pm - Reply

      Hey Bill, I may need to tackle this in a future episode. Thank you for your questions. There are several prophecies you’re highlighting here, hence, the complexity as each have their own history 🙂 I’ll put this down as a potential future episode as there’s too much to tackle here in a response post. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. D February 7, 2022 at 10:24 am - Reply

    Could you please help me understand where in the bible Christmas is mentioned and we are told to celebrate on December 25th???

    I have been questioning this for over 8 years and find no biblical basis —it appears we should be celebrating Jesus 1st arrival on this earth in the fall—at the Feast of the Lord called Sukkot…when His actual birthdate would have been. (Do the math)and someday in the Millennial Reign we will also celebrate His second coming at that same feast.

    I looked at when we switched from the Bible teaching of God’s command in how He wants to be celebrated to man’s traditions of how He thinks God should be celebrated (see especially Constantine era) and frankly i am shocked and horrified.

    The Pharisees got off 2000+ years ago and Jesus came to bring them back to what He truly desired—i believe we are off again putting man’s traditions above God’s Word—i cry out to you sir to examine and repent—and follow the Lord and the bible alone…

    Jesus came to fulfill the first 4 feasts and He will return the fulfill the last three—to the day! (God is very particular about timing and about not adding to or subtracting from His Word—you can’t add Christmas and take away Sukkot) i humbly submit these thoughts for your careful review…

    My prayer is that you will be a good Berean and test THE WORD against your actions and teachings—examine everything to see if it truly aligns with what God wants—and let the HS bring you into alignment—

    You are a clear concise teacher—God will use you mightily if you use His Word alone as your foundation —teach only what He reveals in His Word!!!

    May God give you full and complete revelation on the subjects—May you sit in His presence and may He make His face to shine down upon you and enlighten you to HIS ways.

    The end is near.

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