Experience Bible Lands In a New Way

Walking The Text Study Trips in the lands of Israel and Turkey aren’t just trips or tours to Bible Lands — they are experiences that usher you into the biblical story and invite you to literally walk in the footsteps of Abraham, Moses, Deborah, David, Elijah, Jesus, Peter, Paul, and other biblical people God invited to play a role in His unfolding story of human history.

It’s the chance of a lifetime to see the Bible unleashed in ways you’ve never dreamt possible. The Text will literally leap off the pages as we hike the land and the historical biblical sites, studying the stories in the places they happened, and engaging the world of the Bible in its native context. Never again will you read the Bible the same way.

A distinctive part of these trips is that you won’t receive a detailed itinerary. Why? Because how you encounter something shapes the experience and the learning. If you have an idea of what’s next, it isn’t as impactful. But don’t worry, we will visit all of the major sites during the course of the trip. And please trust me on this. After having led more than 25 trips, participants enthusiastically agree that this is the best way to experience these trips.

In life, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring; we’re called to take each moment one step at a time. And so we walk, seeking to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. For as the Text states in 1 John 2:6, “Anyone who claims to follow Christ, must walk as Jesus walked.” Thus, you’ll simply be invited to enjoy the journey and receive each site and experience as a gift. You will be challenged physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, and you won’t come back the same.

For you, this experience could change everything! Are you ready to walk?


Please direct all trip-related questions  to pam@gtitours.org

Study Trip Testimonies

“Our trip was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. The opportunity to connect the Bible to places and places to history was invaluable. It brought light to the Bible and allowed us to better understand God’s Word in deeply profound ways. It was a trip of a lifetime, not only for what we saw and learned, but for the shaping and molding that God did in our lives. We can’t encourage you enough to make this investment!”


“Being led up and down mountains, through deserts, and into rivers, often times without any explanation other than the simple, compelling invitation to “Come,” refined my faith like no other experience I’ve had. The call to trust, along with the opportunity to catch a deeper glimpse into the heart and divine story of God, allowed me to fall more in love with Him than I ever thought possible.”


“This trip was one of the top development opportunities I’ve ever experienced. Too often learning happens in a classroom or in a study with only the Scriptures and commentaries. To walk the land brought the Scriptures to life and the writers of the commentaries into full view. I believe a trip to the biblical lands should be a key part to any leader’s development and an experience that will awaken and unite a tribe that will change the world.”


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