Episode 046 – Genealogy Christmas Pt 3: Son of Joseph

Key Passage(s): Matthew 1:18-25

Have you ever wondered why Matthew tells us that “Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph” and then in the very next verse he tells us that Joseph was planning to “divorce her quietly?” How does that work?

And was Joseph being insensitive or was he demonstrating the noblest of character? I’ll give you a hint – it’s the latter, and the context here is riveting. What’s more, we find that Joseph (and Mary) modeled a righteousness that shaped Jesus as he grew up, and it’s a righteousness that’s intended to shape us as well.

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching?
  • What is God asking of you this Christmas season? Where is He leading?
  • What is the cost of obedience to God in your life right now? Are you willing to sacrifice this in order to follow Jesus?
  • Are you making decisions, big or small, based on personal gain or comfort over obedience to God?
  • Are there relationships, attitudes, jobs, or anything else hindering your obedience to Jesus? How will you make changes in response to this knowledge?
  • How will you begin to walk in obedience to what God is calling you this week?

For Further Study


  1. Brad, the angle says to Joseph (v-20) not to be afraid for Mary is pregnant “by the Holy Spirit”. How would Joseph had known about the Holy Spirit? Would the three parts of the Trinity been known by Joseph at that time?

    • Trinity was never taught til the Nicean Council instigated by Constantine.
      Took them 2 years to finally come to that conclusion-Jewish teaching has never done that, thus a Protestant misleading.
      Where I am at this point:
      The HS is of the Father and embedded in the TORAH and when one begins also doing that then the HS will trust them to be led by Himself nothing else. HS only knows TORAH form His, HS, beginning in the beginning.

    • Good question, Darryl. Clearly the angel knew that it would’ve helped Joseph to understand what was going on. What kind of a theology he had of the Holy Spirit at this time is unknown (or at least unknown to me). Again, a great question.

  2. Great insights through Joseph’s perspective!

    In your research, have you come across any information about the choices Joseph (or any Jewish man/community) would have if a young woman was raped? There must’ve been instances of this in first century, Roman-occupied territories. I’m not saying this was the case with Mary, but I am curious if the honor/shame breakdown would be different. Thanks!

    • I haven’t done much research into that kind of scenario in the first century. I do believe the honor/shame breakdown would be different for rape than for volitional adultery.

  3. Brad, great insights about the Joseph’s character. I had thought Joseph changed his mind strictly b/c of the Angel’s visit. I was challenged by your observation of how Joseph’s justice was evident and drove all his decisions. Also how it demonstrates that although Jesus is the fulfillment of the promised “Justice and Righteousness”, there are opportunities for the followers of God (specific personal application for me) to reflect the justice of Christ in our area of influence. Thank you for always leading the teaching to personal application. Karl

  4. Brad, fabulous teaching and questions about obedience.
    Have been reading the “Christmas story” and thinking about the angels that were told about Jesus’s birth. What age would they have been do you think? Sue

  5. Note this:
    Joseph did the Law as attested to in ones Holy Inspired Scriptures thus a Righteous man.
    When engaged Mary was -found-exposed-to be w child?
    In Hebraic teaching Mary would then be required to drink water and dust from the altar to prove she was not an adulteress. If she died after drinking the concoction then she was an adulteress if not then they had to conclude, that YEHOVAH by His Spirit (Gen 1) had to be the instigator of conception. This was the proof that the child was from the HS of the Father of Jesus-YEHOVAH? Your thoughts?
    Notice also the constant normalcy of conversations with angelic beings-would that we might have that?
    Why do we not from the revelation that His, Jesus s’ name would be Emmanuel-never used again in the entire NT?

  6. Soo obedience to ones Denominational teachings brings righteous obedience instead of TORAH w access through YASHUA?
    Deuteronomy 6:25

    And it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before the Lord our God, as he hath commanded us.

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