Seriously, where to begin? If there was only one conference I could attend this next year, it would be this one (forget the fact I’m teaching at it). Yes, we have high expectations, but when you have five seasoned teachers who passionately love the Bible and its context, you’re bound to have a life-altering experience with the Bible.

To our knowledge, this is the first biblical context conference that has been done this way in the United States. It’s groundbreaking, and it will be taking place in West Michigan on June 12-14.

Please check out the website for everything pertaining to the conference HERE.

I’ve attached the cover of the notebook that every participant will receive (the contents of the notebook alone would be worth it).

What’s really important to know is that the Early Bird Discount ENDS TUESDAY!


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Other Pertinent News:

– This past weekend, I taught at Ada Bible Church on “Leaving Egypt” and how Jesus came to destroy the controlling power of sin in our lives, but all too often, we get caught back in Egypt – the place that serves as a metaphor for the things that enslave us today (debt, addictions, busyness, unforgiveness, fear, bitterness, etc.). The season leading up to Easter is an invitation to leave Egypt behind, and to walk in the newness of life that Jesus came to give. To catch that teaching, go HERE.

– I’ll be back at Ada Bible Church (Grand Rapids, MI) this weekend for Part 2.

– In my post yesterday, I mentioned I’d be sharing three opportunities over three days. Ha! I mistimed that. Opportunity 3 will be presented on Friday, rather than tomorrow.

– Yesterday I shared Opportunity 1 – Turkey Study Trip (Aug 13-25) and why you’ve got to get on a Turkey trip as soon as you can. Read about that HERE.