Hi Friends,

June can’t get here fast enough! I am that excited about the Institute of Biblical Context (IBC) Conference on “Jesus in His Context.” If you’re just hearing about this for the first time, see my announcement HERE.

For the rest of you who recall my recent announcement about this groundbreaking event, we’ve nailed down a more detailed outline of everything we’ll be covering at the conference. And wow, I’m not only excited to teach, but equally as excited to hear my colleagues teach. Without question, this is going to be the most informative conference on the Bible I’ll have ever attended for my own learning!

To see what we’ll be covering, check out the IBC website HERE.

There are five of us who will be teaching. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the teachings I’m lined up to give:

  • Jesus and the World of the Rabbis [45 minutes]
  • Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus [8 minutes]
  • Honor and Shame in the New Testament World [12 minutes]
  • Woman Caught in Adultery [45 minutes]
  • Jesus Raises the Widow’s Son in Nain [12 minutes]
  • Caesar Augustus in Luke’s Birth Narrative of Jesus [10 minutes]
  • A Rage Builds in Nazareth (Luke 4) [45 minutes]
  • Jesus’ Healing of a Leper [45 minutes]

Yes, it’s going to be a life-giving, transformational, jam-packed 2.5 days, and it’s going to be one of those conferences you won’t want to miss. If you haven’t signed up yet, I’d highly encourage you to do so HERE. There isn’t another conference like this in the country. If you’re hungry to better understand Jesus and His world, this is the one to attend. I hope to see you there!

Other Notable Updates:

  • If you’re interested in going to Israel this May, 3 spots recently opened up! You can apply for the trip HERE.
  • If you’re interested in joining this year’s Turkey trip in August, now is the time to apply. You can do so HERE.
  • For those of you in the Orlando area, I’ll be back teaching at Discovery Church this weekend.

Have a great rest of your week!

P.S. If you know anyone who’d be interested in the IBC Conference or going on a trip to Israel or Turkey, please share this post with them. Thank you!