Hi Friends,

Over these next three days, I’d like to make you aware of three fabulous opportunities.

Opportunity #1 – Turkey Study Trip (August 13-25)

Less than three weeks ago, I returned home from leading a group to Turkey. The one comment I heard over and over again was, “I had no idea Turkey would be this phenomenal and this transformational.” Some participants even said, “This trip is even more impactful than Israel.”

Yes, Turkey is that amazing.

Because I lead trips to both Israel and Turkey, I often get asked which one I recommend. My answer goes like this: “If you think you’ll only do one trip in your life, go to Israel. There’s something really special about walking where Jesus walked. But if you’re not set on only going once, I highly recommend going to Turkey first.”

Both trips will forever change your life, but the focus of the Turkey trip is understanding how the Jewish/Hebraic message of Jesus changes a Greco-Roman world (i.e. America). American Christianity has struggled immensely on how to handle the changing times in our world, and I believe the major reason is because the church has lost contact with the very context in which the New Testament was written. Turkey provides the environment to understand the New Testament world and to therefore allow us to experience anew what Jesus, Paul, the disciples, and others were doing to change the world.

Without Turkey, you do not have a New Testament. Nearly half of the New Testament is written to or from Turkey. Five of Jesus’ disciples minister in Turkey. All of Paul’s missionary journeys include Turkey. And all seven churches who receive letters in Revelation are in Western Turkey. In fact, Revelation is John recording Jesus’ words. So we have Jesus speaking into church communities six decades after his ascension, encouraging them on what they’re getting right, and deeply challenging (and confronting) them on what they’re getting wrong. And EVERYTHING HE SAYS TO THEM HAS DIRECT CONNECTIONS TO OUR WORLD!

Friends, I can’t encourage you enough to prayerfully consider joining me in Turkey this August. I know people are concerned about the situation over there, but I have been there multiple times since the troubles, and NOT ONCE has any of our groups felt unsafe – even for a moment. And personally, it’s A LOT safer than going to Chicago right now. So don’t let that deter you. If God is leading, follow His lead. It’s a trip that will change everything for you.

To learn more about the trip (or to apply), go HERE.