As many of you know, I greatly enjoy letting you know when an outstanding resource has been released. Well, Lois Tverberg, a friend and brilliant author, just released her newest book, Reading the Bible With Rabbi Jesus. This is the third book in her rabbi series, and like the others, I can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s the endorsement I got to write for her:

“Lois Tverberg is back with her most insightful work yet. Every chapter takes us on a journey of discovery, opening our eyes to astounding realities, and clarifying confusing or misunderstood passages that have significant impact in our reading of the Bible and our relationship with Jesus Christ. Every Christian should read this book!”

Purchase it or read more on Amazon HERE (the 5 star reviews are pouring in and it’s already a #1 New Release). This is a book you’ll definitely find really fascinating and helpful.