I’ve uploaded 2 new teachings to my website.

“Partners Not Projects” is on Jesus calling his first disciples and how astounding it was that he not only chose his disciples (rabbis didn’t pursue potential disciples), but that he chose those guys to be his disciples. The teaching explores the Galilean Educational System, and helps us to understand that in Jesus choosing his disciples, Jesus was making the point that he wants us to join him in his kingdom work, regardless of our past, education, age (the disciples were teenagers), ethnicity, or current situations. Salvation is NEVER the end game. It’s the beginning!

“The Book of Ruth” is a teaching I did in North Carolina at a church that is going through the entire Bible in 66 weeks (one book a week). The teaching traces the redemption in the book of Ruth and how it serves as the foundation for the life of Jesus. It also challenges us to embody the heart of Boaz and Jesus to come alongside and take responsibility for those in need. I just received an email from a couple who shared with me how God spoke to them during the teaching and they went out and bought a reliable vehicle for a single mom in need balancing multiple jobs without a car (and they mentioned God told them the exact amount to spend). The gospel is alive and well!

You can find both of these teachings on my site HERE.

As far as upcoming teachings are concerned, I’ll be at Ada Bible Church this weekend and next, doing a 2-wk series entitled, “Journeying Towards Easter.” I’ll be tackling the New Exodus motif of Jesus as the Second Moses and will be helping people understand why “Palm Sunday” was one of the darkest days in Jesus’ earthly life. I trust it will be an illuminating and hopeful series.

And then I’ll be back in Orlando at Discovery Church to do both of their Good Friday Services on April 14, helping them understand the astounding way Mark has organized the crucifixion story to make a dramatic statement about the power of the cross to his Roman audience (and to us).

Okay, that’s all for now. More coming soon.