As soon as Make Your Mark was released, I received several inquires as to whether or not a Discussion Guide would be made available. I kept responding, “It’s in the works.” Today, I’m thrilled to announce that my response is, “Yes, there’s a Discussion Guide available. It’s FREE and you can download it on my site!”

I had the privilege of partnering with some wonderful people, and I believe you’ll find the Discussion Guide to be very helpful. We created it not only for group study (small groups, recovery groups, men’s/women’s groups, youth groups, etc.) but for personal study as well. So if you want to go deeper with the implications of Make Your Mark, this is it.

If your small group is looking to do a study on the book, you can find the best DISCOUNT for multiple copies of the book online at Insp!re Resources Group.

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To download the FREE Discussion Guide, click the button below.