Ruptured Expectations

Jonah preaches his message in Nineveh, the people repent, and in this final teaching we learn that God forgives the Ninevites. Despite Jonah becoming the most successful prophet in the entire Old Testament (at five words 120,000 people repent), God’s mercy inflames Jonah to the point of death. God confronts Jonah on his belief that some people are deserving of grace and some are not, and invites him to see things anew. It’s a struggle for Jonah. He’s not only dealing with this, but perhaps even more so, he’s struggling with how to handle the unexpected – when things don’t unfold as you thought they would. Life never happens completely as expected. Our expectations get ruptured. In these times, God desires to birth something new within us, and allow us to see the new thing He’s doing. The question is, “Will we allow Him to do this?”

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