Welcoming Him With Wonder

It’s commonly believed that when Mary and Joseph show up in Bethlehem, they do so within minutes of Mary about to birth. In their moment of greatest need, they’re rejected by family and then by the mean, old innkeeper who informs them “there’s no room in the inn!” Relegated to a stable on the far side of town, and all alone, Mary and Joseph give birth to the savior of the world. Sound familiar? But what if that’s not how it went down at all? What if our understanding of the Christmas story is inaccurate? In this sermon, Brad demonstrates how the context of the Bible and the culture of the day present a very different picture. And from that picture, we’re invited into one of the most significant aspects of the Christmas Season – wonder! By the end of this teaching, you’ll better understand what happened the night Jesus was born, and three ways in which you can welcome Him with wonder this Christmas season, and in your daily lives as well.

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