Vantage Point

Have you ever heard of Caleb in the Bible? If not, you’re in for an inspiring challenge. When the twelve spies went into the land of Canaan to scout it out, it was Caleb who spoke up after the recon mission and said they could take the land. The others said “no.” Their reason? They felt like grasshoppers compared to the giant warriors in the land, and they were afraid. Caleb adopted a different vantage point – not that of a grasshopper, but that of God’s. In the face of great challenges, Caleb never wavered. In fact, at the age of 85, he finally got his chance to take out the giants, and he did! His vantage point was different than everyone else’s because he knew the vantage point makes all the difference. When you elevate your vantage point, God gives you the courage to act.

Vantage Point Teaching Pic

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