Partners Not Projects

As Jesus launches his ministry, one of the first things he does is invites several young men to join him as disciples. In understanding the culture of the day (teaching explores the Galilean Education System), we recognize quickly they were teenagers. What’s astounding isn’t their age – that was the cultural norm – it was that they were chosen. They weren’t the best of the best, and yet Jesus pursued them! For many of us, we simply see Jesus as someone who saves us from our sins. Or additionally, we live with a belief that Jesus is annoyed with us, frustrated that we struggle to get things right. It’s almost as if we subtly believe that we are projects that Jesus has to deal with – problems that need to be fixed or solved. But we learn in Jesus calling his first disciples is that Jesus pursues us not as projects, but as partners to join him in bringing restoration and goodness into the world. The story is so much bigger than just our individual salvations.

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