Cloaks, Palms and Songs

This teaching tackles “Palm Sunday.” Due to the other title we give it (“The Triumphal Entry”), it is often understood to be a time of great joy and excitement. And yet, Jesus cries vehemently in the midst of it. Why? Because he recognizes that many missed the heart of his message. The majority in the crowd were looking for a military leader who would take care of their problems – namely Rome, and Jesus was good to them as long as he fulfilled their expectations. But Jesus wasn’t going to fulfill their expectations (he was after a much bigger enemy – sin and death). But they couldn’t see the larger story. How often is that true with us? How often are we are disappointed in what Jesus doesn’t do? In the midst of our disappointments and disruptions – especially in this COVID-19 season, may we not miss what God may be up to.

(This teaching was done for Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida.)

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