As many of you were aware, I set out to tackle the entire Bible, from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22, this past Sunday (October 11). The goal was 55 minutes. Ha! It was a bit longer than that, but worth it (or so has been the feedback). Personally, it was one of the most exhilarating and meaningful teaching experiences I’ve ever had. Being able to have that kind of time to unpack the biblical narrative was a gift to me, and one I believe was a gift to our community as well. Very few Christians understand the full movement of the Biblical story, and being able to grasp it will pay long lasting dividends to us all. I’m so grateful that Central is the kind of place that welcomes such experiences.

As I hinted at in an earlier post, we created a timeline for the teaching that was displayed on a 45 ft long screen. Wow! That was fun! For those in attendance, they left with a printed copy of the timeline. And for those who weren’t in attendance, we made a digital copy available for download (click on the image below).

If you’re able to set aside some time, I’d encourage you watch the teaching or listen to the audio. The teaching is entitled, “The Restoration of All Things” and is currently residing HERE on my website.

Also, if after watching the teaching you feel it would be beneficial to your family or friends to experience this as well, please FORWARD this blogpost or POST to social media. Thank you!

Finally, our apologies from Central for those of you who tuned in for the 9 am Live Stream this past Sunday and were unable to watch the service. We had unexpected technology issues, and we’re sorry for any frustration that may have caused you.