Episode 031 – Zacchaeus Pt 7: Answering Your Questions

Over the last six episodes, we’ve been digging into the Zacchaeus story, and I’ve been encouraging you to ask your questions. In this episode, I seek to answer those questions. The discussion entails everything from what salvation meant for the Jewish people in the first century to how we steward our hearts with respect to our money to how Jesus addressed the religious leaders who though they had it all together (and clearly didn’t), and more. May this discussion help round out some additional aspects of the Zacchaeus story as we seek to live out the truths of this story in our lives.

Discussion Questions

  • Were there any “aha” moments for you in the answers given that helped you better understand a facet of the Zacchaeus story or just life in general?
  • Were you surprised by the discussion on “salvation?” Why or why not?
  • Based on your understanding of the Zacchaeus story, were there any questions you would’ve answered differently?
  • What’s your biggest takeaway from this entire series on Zacchaeus?
  • Have you begun living out the most significant truths addressed in this series in your life? If so, how? If not, what’s the next step you need to take in doing so?

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  1. Brad, thank you for taking questions after doing this series. It reminded me of the interaction you encouraged on your Study Trips. I always appreciated the ability to ask questions along with hearing the questions of others and your insights. Your Tuesday Teachings are a regular part of Holly and I having breakfast together.
    Thanks, Karl

  2. Hi Brad,
    Thank you for the weekly video. Really enjoyed the Zacchaeus series. I particularly enjoyed your insights regarding the word play on the sycamore-fig tree.
    Please consider transcribing the series into a booklet. Would enjoy reading it from time to time. Thanks!

  3. I truly enjoyed this series. You’ve taught me so much. I definitely agree with Billy about transcribing this series into a booklet. It was fascinating. Thanks.

  4. Hi Brad! I was reading through 1 Kings 10 and I came across the verse “[Solomon] made silver as common in Jerusalem as stones, and cedar as plentiful as sycamore-fig trees in the foothills” and had a wonderful AHA moment, realizing just what an amazing display of wealth that statement was because of the contrast between not only stones and silver but sycamore-fig trees and cedar as well. Thank you for the wonderful contextual history you’ve taught us these past few weeks.

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