Several months ago, I purchased Wayne Stiles’ new book, Waiting on God: What To Do When God Does Nothing. I couldn’t wait to dig in because I appreciate Wayne’s work so much. However, with the fall being one of the busiest times of the years for us pastors, and with everything that has been happening at Central, not to mention all the reading I’ve been doing in preparation for our teaching series’, I simply couldn’t find the space to fully give myself to this book. Until this week. And friends, let me declare upfront, I can’t recommend this book enough to you. It’s absolutely phenomenal!

Utilizing the story of Joseph from Genesis 37-50 as the backbone to the book, Wayne does a masterful job of weaving together Joseph’s story with our own. Wayne is a remarkable storyteller and part of the brilliance of this book is how he fills in the gaps and details of the Joseph story that only someone who knows the land, history, culture, and Text of the biblical story can.

Part of my affinity for Wayne is that he leads trips to Israel as well. So I can appreciate how much this man knows his stuff. His cultural and geographic connections are stunning in this book. Not to mention the fact he is a man of the Text, which I also have great affinity for. Over and over again, I found myself basking in the connections Wayne was making. Furthermore, Wayne is a fantastic writer, utilizing wit, humor, personal stories, and countless rich metaphors to make this book a most enjoyable read.

But what I appreciate most about Wayne’s new book is the intersecting of Joseph’s life with our own. Wayne deeply desires people to experience transformation through this story, not simply learn new information. The information in the book is stellar, and I learned so much that I didn’t know. But it’s his application and challenge that makes it such a meaningful, worthwhile, and transformational read.

As the title conveys, it is a book about waiting on God. But as I found with the title of my book (Make Your Mark), it’s hard to convey what the book is about in such a short title. Yes, this book is about waiting on God, but it’s also about so much more. It’s a book about how God shapes our character through challenging circumstances. It’s about seeing life with true perspective. It’s about how to deal with some of the hardest issues in life. And it’s about how we become the people we all deeply desire to be. God has already been reshaping me as a result of this book, and I pray the same would happen to you as well.

So do yourself a favor and buy a copy, and bless someone else by purchasing them a copy as well. Or if you’ve procrastinated on your Christmas presents, and you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, look no further. Buy several copies! You’ll be investing in people’s lives and they will thank you for it.

Waiting on God is available wherever books are sold. Or you can buy an autographed copy HERE, as well as learn more about this book. Once you get done reading it, bless Wayne by putting a review (however long or short) on Amazon.

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Merry Christmas and Enjoy!