I’ve been looking forward to this post, and introducing you to a phenomenal fitness apparel company called C.O.R.E. Disciple (Christ Our Redeemer’s Exercising Disciple). It was recently started by a friend of mine and his amazing wife, and whether you’re a fitness nut or not, I believe you’re going to fall in love with what this company is doing.

Founded to inspire your connection with God and others, C.O.R.E. Disciple’s powerful messages remind us of our identity as Christ followers and spur us on towards behaviors that reflect that identity. Every time I wear one of my shirts (I have several!), I am challenged and motivated to embody its meaning. And because these are premium shirts and among the nicest I’ve ever owned, I wear mine all the time.

On the website (and on cardstock with each purchased shirt) there is an explanatory paragraph giving you the significance and meaning of each phrase from the Bible. And in a spirit of collaboration, I had the great privilege of writing the explanations for all 12 of the current phrases.

These shirts have become conversation starters as well. Story after story is emerging of people wearing these shirts and having people ask about them, and then being able to share their faith with them. As most of you are aware, one of the most challenging things is finding helpful ways to share our faith with others. What these shirts do is create ways for people to ask you! And with the explanatory paragraph, you not only understand the significance for yourself, but you have language for sharing your shirt’s message with others.

So I can’t encourage you enough to head over to C.O.R.E. Disciple, find a shirt or two that you resonate with, and wear them with great pride (to the gym, grocery store, or wherever).

Also, these make outstanding Christmas presents (they have gift cards as well). And since they just launched, you get 20% off your first order. (And if don’t love everything about your order, you can return it for free. Seriously, no risk here.)

And finally, I do NOT get a percentage for whatever you buy (Ha! I just know some of you were going to ask). I am promoting them because they’re doing outstanding work, I want them get off to a solid start, and I believe you and others will be immensely grateful for their impact on your faith journey.

Check out their site HERE.

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