Release To Receive

Brad had the opportunity to share his message, “Release To Receive”, at Church of the City (Franklin). The current series is called, “Red Letters: Calming Words for a Chaotic World.” The idea is to look at words of Jesus that bring comfort to us in this challenging season. So, he thought it would be fun to discuss the moment when Jesus calls Peter, “Satan!” We know, it doesn’t sound very calming at all. But we assure you, these words are some of the most important words we need to hear at this time. The reason is that many of us are struggling, and not just due to current circumstances. It’s also because we have faulty assumptions of God in the midst of them. Thus, this teaching walks us through how we open ourselves up to what God wants to do in us when things aren’t going as planned around us. If you ever struggle with unmet expectations with God, this teaching will be particularly helpful. You will hear how we need to release those expectations in order to receive God’s best for our lives. Let’s find out what we need to release to receive!

Read the story here and watch more sermons here.

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