Hope for Faulty People

Shockingly, Samson shows up in Hebrews 11, which is known as the “Hall of Faith,” where all the great characters of the OT are listed and commended for what they did. Based on Samson’s life, he shouldn’t be on that list. However, what we soon find out is that Hebrews 11 isn’t about the greatness of humanity. It’s about the goodness and grace of God to use broken and faulty people to accomplish His purposes, sometimes in collaboration with their efforts, and sometimes in spite of their efforts. Every great biblical character was flawed, and the Bible holds nothing back in exposing that reality. And we’re all flawed and faulty as well. But the great hope of the biblical story is that God desires to partner with us, in all of our own brokenness, in order to assist Him in redeeming our broken world.

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