God’s Purposes Prevail

Acts 12 encompasses a fascinating story that functions like a well-designed Hollywood film. It has tragedy, triumph, humor, shock and awe, not to mention some poetic justice as well. But it leaves you wondering, “So what’s the point of the story? Why did Luke record this?” The answer is found in the details Luke gives around the idea of time. We think of time as linear, but the writers of the Bible saw time as looping. Meaning, there were these patterns that would repeat themselves. And if you can identify the pattern at play, you gain a much better understanding about what’s being communicated through a particular story. And the bizarre story in Acts 12 is massively significant in reminding us that despite whatever pain, confusion, frustration, or heartache may be going on in our world or in our lives, God’s purposes are still prevailing.

(This teaching was done at Church of the City in Franklin, Tennessee.)

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