Divided to United

The Song of Songs emphatically celebrates the goodness of sex. Sex is a good gift from a good God to be enjoyed in the context of marriage. Indeed, sex is central to what it means to be married. But there’s more to being married than sex. In fact, there’s more to marriage than just marriage itself. In this teaching, I trace the significance of marriage and wedding ceremonies in the Bible, and how they witness to a deeper reality that God is uniting what has been divided in our world. Despite the significance of marriage, Jesus taught there wouldn’t be marriages in heaven, nor is becoming married the height of human existence. Therefore, in highlighting the significance of marriage, I also tackle the significance of singleness. Both marriage and singleness are in the service of God’s expanding kingdom, but until we recognize how they factor into the unfolding story, we won’t fully embrace both the sanctity of marriage or the sanctity of singleness.

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