Cloaks, Palms and Songs

Key Passage(s): Luke 19:39-44

This teaching tackles “Palm Sunday.” Due to the title we ascribe to it (“The Triumphal Entry”), it is often understood to be a time of great joy and excitement. And yet, Jesus cries vehemently in the midst of it. Why? Because he’s met face-to-face with the reality that many missed the heart of his message. The majority in the crowd were looking for a military leader who would take care of their problems – namely Rome, and Jesus was good to them as long as he fulfilled their expectations. Jesus was going to deal with a much bigger enemy (sin and death), but he realized in that moment that the people weren’t going to trust him to do what he needed to do in the manner he needed to do it. Jesus was going to disappoint them because there was going to be a gap between expectation and reality. We understand that gap as well. The questions becomes, “how do we respond well when we’re disappointed by Jesus?” What we learn is that in our disappointment, God desires to birth something new within us. And until we die to our expectations, we won’t experience the new life waiting to blossom.