Calling to a New Path

Note: This was my final teaching at Central Wesleyan as the teaching pastor.

When God called Moses at the burning bush to be a liberator for the Israelite nation, it felt like a 180 degree turn from what Moses had been doing for the previous forty years – shepherding a flock of sheep and goats. But what we soon find out is that God wasn’t calling Moses to be something he was not; He was calling him to be more of who had been all along. The same goes for you and me. When God calls us to a new path, irrespective of how different it is from what we’ve known, we can take comfort in knowing that God’s been preparing us our entire lives for what’s next – however big or small it is. We must keep our ears open to God’s calling, regardless of where we’re at in life, because when God called Moses to his most significant task in life, he was 80 years old!

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