There is No Fence

For some time, there has been significant tension between the church and the parachurch (Christian faith-based organizations that generally have no local church oversight). For the local church, they often feel the parachurch should be operating within the authority of the local church. For the parachurch, they often feel the local church has blown it by not dealing with the needs and problems of the world, nor effectively evangelizing for the sake of Christ. In truth, the local church hasn’t been nearly as effective as it should be. So what happens when the church wakes up to the reality that the reason why the parachurch is so prevalent is because the church hasn’t done what it needs to do? Do you compete with the parachurch or do you collaborate? You should collaborate, not only because the church and the parachurch are better together, but because they have always been on the same team. And this teaching discusses how these two entities can work together for the advancement of God’s kingdom in this world.

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