Sacrifice & Song

Psalm 27 is attributed to the infamous King David. In this psalm, David writes that regardless of his circumstances, his greatest longing is to experience God continually. David knows that its through worship and relationship with God that his heart will be molded to God’s. And it’s out of this ongoing relationship with God that David says he will respond with sacrifice and song. One way to understand sacrifice is that it’s offering ourselves (and all we hold dear) to God. It isn’t easy to do, but when God has our hearts, He has our time, our talents, our dreams, our finances, our businesses, our homes, our [fill in the blank]. David responds with sacrifice, but he also responds with song. Music has great power. And when something has great power, we respond with passion. And with passion always comes preference. This is why music can be such a lightning rod in churches today. But if God has our hearts, He also has our preferences. We need to sacrifice our preferences for the greater good of the community we’re part of in order to allow music to bind people together rather than break them apart.

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