For years, I’ve been benefiting from the visual work of Todd Bolen ( Nearly every photo I show in my sermons and teachings of biblical sites and illustrations that I didn’t personally take are from Todd’s collections. In fact, I use more photos of Todd’s than I do of my own – they’re that incredible. I own every single collection Todd has created, but it’s his newest resource that I’m most excited about.

The Photo Companion to the Bible Series is a stunning collection of digital photographs that illustrates the biblical text verse by verse. So rather than looking up a verse and then wondering what photos could go with it (or trying to hunt them down), Todd and his team have already done the hard work of bringing all relevant photos to the verse!

The first set within this series that was released on Monday is The Gospels. I received an advance copy of it and have been using mine for a couple of months now, and I still can’t over how fantastic this is.

Whether you’re a teacher, pastor, or someone seeking to better understand the Gospels, this is the best visual resource out there.

And the great news is that Todd is offering an introductory price of only $139 for the whole series through August 21 (then it will retail for $199).

Furthermore, the Photo Companion to the Bible comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not entirely happy with it, Todd will refund you all of your money.

To learn more about series, see examples, or to buy it, visit HERE.