Episode 178 – Flora & Faith Pt 4: Grafted Into the Olive Tree

Arguably the most recognizable tree in the land of Israel, the olive tree is known for its legendary longevity and fruitfulness. As such, it’s referenced repeatedly in the Scriptures. Most notably, the Apostle Paul uses it in Romans 11 to navigate a delicate situation between Jewish and Gentile believers in the church in Rome, and to communicate an authoritative point that has lasting implications. By the end of this episode, you’ll discover why the olive tree is a powerful illustration on how to sustain a fruitful life by making room for others.

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching? 
  • Grafting isn’t easy. It involves cutting off a branch, inserting it into a new trunk, and then nurturing the graft so it lasts. What are some of the “grafting experiences” you’ve had in life where you were removed from one place, inserted into a new/different one, and experienced a delicate period of transition? What did you learn about yourself? 
  • What are some of the ways others have “made space in their lives” for you in a way that has deeply blessed you? 
  • What do you believe are some of the reasons followers of Jesus struggle to grow in their ability to “make space in their lives for others?” 
  • How will you begin living out the truths of this teaching this week? 


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