Episode 135 – The Journey Pt 8: Finish Strong

When we’re nearing the finish line of anything, the temptation is to coast. But it’s the last 10% of any project that matters the most. In this final episode of The Journey mini-series, we explore how both Jesus and the apostle Paul refused to coast across the finish line, and instead accelerated through the point of impact. By the end of this teaching, you’ll have a clear picture of what gets in the way of finishing well so that you can make the last part of your journey or anything you’re part of, the best part.

Small Group or Individual Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching?
  • Describe a situation from your life in which you had the desire to finish well. In that particular situation, what would finishing well have looked like?
  • Who are some of the people you’ve known who’ve finished well? What did you admire most about the way they conducted themselves?
  • What is your biggest challenge when it comes to finishing well?
  • What are one or two things that most motivate you to follow through and finish strong?
  • What do you think it looks like to be the kind of person who helps others finish well?
  • How will you begin living out the truths of this teaching this week?

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