Episode 127 – Ask, Seek, Knock

Key Passage(s): Matthew 7:7-11

What does Jesus mean when he says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you?” When we look carefully at where and when he says these words, it becomes clear that he’s not giving us a blank check to pursue whatever it is our heart’s desire. God is many things, but a genie in a bottle isn’t one of them. Instead, Jesus is offering us a helpful way of approaching God with our requests. But prayer is more than just asking. It’s also about listening to God and discerning what we truly need, and then practicing consistent, radical dependence on the Father whose extravagant, generous love is just waiting to meet us in our place of need. 

Discussion Questions
  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching? 
  • You’ve probably heard the saying, “You have not because you ask not!” In what ways have you experienced that to be true in life? 
  • Sometimes we have no idea what we need, and we need God’s voice to help us name it. What does it look like in your life to listen to God? Where do you go? What do you do to hear God’s voice? (Silence? Going for a run? Etc.?) 
  • How do you feel about the characterization of God as a good father who loves extravagantly? 
  • Would you agree that practicing dependence in a culture that idolizes independence is a critical way for people to embody God’s kingdom? Why or why not? 
  • How will you begin living out the truths of this teaching this week? 
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