Co-Writing the Future

Salvation is never the end-game in the Bible;  it’s the beginning. We see this first in the story of the Exodus, which encompassed a 3-part movement of salvation that included: (1) God acts with power – GRACE, (2) People proclaim Him King – RECOGNITION, (3) Then they do what He says – RESPONSIBILITY.  Those who come into a relationship with God have the responsibility to do the good deeds that Jesus Christ has prepared for His people to do. This is how God works in and through people to bring about His kingdom here on earth. In the words of Jesus, recorded in Luke 17:21, “the kingdom is within your midst.” The idea Jesus is conveying is that we get the opportunity to co-write the future with God. We have been invited to join God in what He is doing in the world to bring about shalom (wholeness, well-being, goodness, restoration) in the midst of chaos, pain, and brokenness. It’s as if Jesus is holding out a pen and asking us, “Are you willing to sign on to this?” Well, are you?

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