Behold the Man

“Behold the Man.” These are the words of Pilate when he presents Jesus before the people at the trial. What are we to behold? When Jesus stands before Pilate and the people, bruised, beaten, bleeding, betrayed, slapped, humiliated, accused, mocked, wearing a crown of thorns on His head and a purple robe on His body, He does so as a man who is calm, composed, patient, un-intimidated, unwilling to play by the world’s standards, and in the process of taking our place. And it’s in this moment when we vividly see how the king of God’s kingdom demonstrates His rule and His power through sacrifice and love. We see the true reflection of God. We see there is great strength in the midst of weakness. And we recognize that the same Spirit that enabled to Jesus to do what He did is the same Spirit available to us. In this teaching, we behold the man. We behold the king. We behold the son of God.

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