“Wow, Brad Gray’s rabbinic style of teaching while walking out the text in Israel began a process of engraving the very Words of God on my heart. Total immersion in the land and culture of Biblical Israel provided valuable insights to the words and stories in the text to provide new eyes to see and ears to hear His Word. Until this trip, names and geographical locations in the Bible meant very little as I had no point of reference to their significance. Understanding the culture, traditions, political climate, commerce, and education of a people written in the text amplifies the message in His Word. For me, this experiential learning process provided a new set of lenses for reading and seeing His Word come to life. I will never read His Word the same way again. Thank you Brad for sharing your passion for His Word expressed in a way that changes lives forever. Thank you LORD for the opportunity to be a disciple following the dust of the Rabbi and the ability to Walk the Text.”