Episode 124 – Rabbis and Disciples Pt 8: Jesus’s Yoke

Key Passage(s): Matthew 11:28-30

One of the biggest problems we have when reading the Bible is familiarity. When we’re too familiar with a passage, we start believing we already know what it means. In doing so, we forget there’s so much more it has to teach us, and we rob it of its explosive power to transform our lives. In this final episode in our series, Rabbis and Disciples, we set Jesus’s famous words about “his yoke” in their historical and cultural context, and discover Jesus making a shocking claim that no other rabbi ever madeBy understanding this passage anew, you’ll experience the depth, the audacious challenge, and the compelling nature of Jesus’s invitation to life in him! 

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching? 
  • How did exploring the different “hints” Jesus gave in this passage change or deepen its meaning for you? 
  • What are one or two specific examples of times you’ve made life harder for yourself by trying to do it your way rather than doing it Jesus’s way? 
  • What are one or two specific examples of times you practiced the way of Jesus and it helped you to navigate the difficulty of life with a kind of ease and lightness? 
  • What does “rest for your soul” look like in your life? 
  • How will you begin living out the truths of this teaching this week?  

For Further Study


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  1. As always you bring your experienced “digging for truth” to a new level. Your teaching never ceases to amaze me. It renews my excitement for God’s Word as I continue to learn & grow in my relationship with our God.

  2. Brad, thank you for your faithless to the work of God and for using your God given gift to bless all of us. Your humbleness and passion for truth taught/reminded us as a truth we often forget. Even when we find an inspired man of God who faithfully teaches the text it is our responsibility to study and make ourselves approved and not to ever get lazy and simply blindly follow. Our ultimate teacher and Rabbi is Jesus working through the Spirit but will require us to dig in and do some heavy lifting, always question, always study and always growing. Thank you so much for this teaching and your amazing insights into God word. You have forever changed my relationship with God and his work and I will be forever grateful. Also, it was an honor to finally me you in person last Saturday at Discovery. God bless, Buddy S.

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