Episode 012 – Everything Is Intentional

Key Passage(s): Luke 7:11-17

One thing I’ve learned about Jesus is that nothing is random. It’s utterly remarkable how his words and actions tie into the Old Testament story and then propel the overall story forward. Take Luke 7. Jesus raises a widow’s son back to life. It’s incredible. But what makes this story so fascinating isn’t only what Jesus did, but where he did it. When we understand that, we begin to understand just how intentional Jesus is with everything, including your story and mine.

Discussion Questions

  • What’s your biggest takeaway from the teaching?
  • What’s one study technique you learned by engaging this teaching?
  • What other connections, if any, came to mind in the midst of this teaching?
  • Where does your story feel random right now and you need to hold onto the reality that Jesus doesn’t do random?
  • What’s one step you can take in living out this truth this week?

For Further Study


  1. Wow! Thanks for that Brad. Very encouraging message. We have had a tough week as a family – this has been such an encouragement in the midst of pain and confusion. God does have a plan!

  2. Love this teaching, Brad. The connections back to Elisha have always been there, thanks for helping us see them. How exciting.

  3. Great teaching Brad. I learn so much from you. Thank you for bringing the Bible to life. I look forward to Tuesday morning with God, Brad and my coffee.

  4. What a great teaching, I loved how you made the connections from Elijah to Elisha to Jesus. Love how you brought the Old Testament through to the New Testament, that ithe Old Testament has never been done away with. The complete Bible is truly one beautiful book, A great, great teaching. Thank you Brad.

  5. I love the connections you are making between the Hebrew Testaments and the New Testaments and your excitement it is contagious. It is a good reminder that God does have a plan for us even when we cannot feel or see it.

  6. This is so good! I love learning how miraculous the bible really is and how those who disregard it just DON”T KNOW! My heart wants them to know! Keep giving us more of this!! Thanks Brad!

  7. So the call to needing Jesus isn’t about getting saved and escaping hell.
    It’s about having a legal relationship with the Father, being taught TORAH Acts 15, as Paul was directed by Peter and the apostles, to bring the TORAH blessings promised into your life and to then offer it to others around you as they see your joy and hope; thus the original form of—-evangelization!

    • Yep, the biblical story is much bigger than just our individual salvation. We get to be part of God’s redemptive work to reconcile the world to Himself.

  8. Brad, what a blessing to hear this teaching again, particularly as I am getting ready to enter a challenging time, and wondering what it may be like. Trusting that Jesus will be just as intentional in the days ahead as He has been in the past brings joy and peace. I continue to pray for you and your family.

  9. I love the picture of Jesus carrying the story forward. We’ve been encouraging our church family to do their post-it timeline. Here’s another reason for that. God is intentional and works through experiences and people in our lives and He is carrying the story forward in our lives as we are led by the Holy Spirit! Thanks for the great insights! I love how God works!

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