Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short biblical teachings approx. 8-18 minutes in length. Great for small groups, teams, family devotions, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions for personal or group use. You can also leave comments and share via social media. New video teaching released every Tuesday.


Episode 028 – Zacchaeus Pt 4: To Seek and To Save

The Zacchaeus story ends with Jesus stating, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” This wasn’t just a nice summary statement, but an electric proclamation that would’ve sent shockwaves through his listeners’ ears.


Recent Videos

Episode 027 – Zacchaeus Pt 3: Jesus’ Shocking Actions

In the first two episodes, we examined Zacchaeus’ actions and how utterly remarkable his responses were. But how were such responses even possible? The answer lies in Jesus’ actions. They’re shocking, perplexing, and infuriating to those


Episode 026 – Zacchaeus Pt 2: A Holistic Response

Following his encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus’ response is utterly remarkable. He pledges to give half of his possessions to the poor and provide a fourfold restitution to those he’s wronged. He understands what a holistic response looks like, and


Episode 025 – Zacchaeus Pt 1: Climb a Tree

We’re kicking off a series on Zacchaeus from Luke 19 where over the course of several weeks, we’re going to look at this story from a number of different angles. In this particular teaching, we look at Zacchaeus’ desire to change and