If you’re interested in joining this specialized study trip, you will need to complete this application form. My trip requires an application because the routes and destinations on the itinerary can be extremely strenuous, and not everyone is capable of this type of rigorous hiking day after day.

While the goal isn’t distance or speed, it’s important that group participants have comparable physical capabilities so that no individual has to face the challenges and disappointment of holding the group back or skipping entire sites on the itinerary.

With the right group, each participant feels included and supported each step of the way, which creates a unique and transformational experience for the entire group.

This application must be completed on behalf of your registration group, which is you and anyone else for whom you’ll be registering and paying.

I (Brad) will review your application and you’ll receive a response within 3 business days.

Approval DOES NOT guarantee a spot on this trip. If approved, you must register and pay your deposit right away to secure your spot on the trip.

Finally, please WATCH this video before applying. Thank you!