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There are experiences in life that change everything. For Brad, his first biblical study trip to Israel and Turkey was one of those experiences that changed the trajectory of his life. Understanding the Text in its historical, cultural, and geographical contexts unleashed the depth and nuance of the Bible in the most compelling and awe-inspiring of ways. This experience launched him into a lifelong pursuit of seeking to understand the Bible, and then communicating his learnings through a variety of mediums.

Brad recently completed his time as the Teaching Pastor at Central Wesleyan Church in Holland, Michigan and is transitioning into the next phase of his ministry. He has traveled extensively to the biblical lands of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, and Greece, and currently leads biblical study trips to Israel and Turkey in partnership with GTI Tours. Additionally, Brad is the author of Make Your Mark: Getting Right What Samson Got Wrong.

Brad has been instrumental in the creation of the Institute of Biblical Context, a groundbreaking 3-day conference on biblical context, in which he serves on the faculty. Additionally, Brad serves as a faculty instructor in the area of communication for the Gray Institute, and has been part of the development of the Free2Play Academy. He has a BA in Business Management from Cornerstone University (Grand Rapids, MI), an MDiv from Western Theological Seminary (Holland, MI), and did additional graduate work at Jerusalem University College (Jerusalem, Israel).

He enjoys hiking, running, weight lifting, basketball, and stand up paddleboarding. And he openly admits to being a sucker for chocolate, fajitas, and tangerines. But Brad’s great love is spending time with his family, whom he claims is the coolest family on the planet. He and his wife, Shallon, have four children – Denyon, Aryah, Calyx, and Xyler. They now reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

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