Episode 001 – Welcome to The Teaching Series

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Welcome to the first episode in The Teaching Series! In this episode, you’ll be introduced to the purpose behind the series, how to utilize these short teachings, and what to expect in future episodes.

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  1. It was like waking up early on Christmas morning and running down the stairs so excited about the gift I was about to unwrap.
    6 days…18 hrs…and 27 min. until the next presentation…can hardly wait!
    You make the Text “Rock!”

  2. Hey Brad,
    I am so excited about this. I was at the IBC conference last June.
    Looking forward to furthering my education under your teaching.

  3. Thanks Brad! Ryan and I are looking forward to watching these videos and discussing them together as you share them each week!

  4. Thanks so much for creating this new site and providing this important content. Looking forward to each teaching. Thanks for making everything so easy to access. The e-book is awesome!

  5. This sounds exactly what I have been looking for. I am excited to dive deeper into the understanding of what the scriptures are really teaching us rather than guessing at the real meaning as the author intended.
    Thanks Brad

  6. Hi Brad! I live in Orlando, FL and I have been attending Discovery Church for about 2 and a half years. I have had the opportunity to hear you speak all the times you have been here. Let me tell you, I love the way you teach the text. Your teachings have considerably increased my knowledge, understanding, and desire to know about God’s Word. You have made the importance of context very clear. Teachings such as “Partners not Projects”, “Fullness of Time” (Caesar Augustus and Herod the Great), “Dying to Expectation”, and “Joy is Coming” have been so profound that I have listened to them multiple times. They have greatly helped me not only to understand the text in its context, but also to walk it into my life.

    I also had the opportunity to speak to you briefly after the service the last time you were here for the teaching “Everybody Needs Encouragement” and you told me about Walking The Text. I couldn’t resist to look into it. And again, teachings such as “Cloaks, Palms and Songs”, “It’s Advancing”, “The Restoration of All Things”, “Co-writing the Future”, and “The Bible Breaths” have been incredibly amazing, profound, and relevant. God has given you an amazing ability to teach His Word. You have a great teaching method, and way of speaking and using very helpful visual aids. Moreover, the language you use stays consistent in your teachings which helps to connect many dots to see how things are related, which increases learning retention. It’s just great listening to you teach. Furthermore, thank you for sharing “The #1 Mistake Most Everyone Makes Reading the Bible”. I enjoyed reading it. What a great resource.

    The website was already amazing before you rebuilt it, but this brand-new one is just stunning! I am so excited for the weekly video series. I enjoyed the first video and I am looking forward to the coming ones. May the desire God has given you to teach the text keep burning so that you can keep being a guide we need to continue understanding what is going on in the Bible, to interpret it correctly, and to be empowered in our journey.

  7. Howdy Brad!

    This is AWESOME! I look forward to the weekly video!

    I’m teaching a class for high school freshman called “How to Read the Bible” and I’m already planning on integrating your e-book into the class 3-4 weeks from now. The e-book is very accessible, perfect for my the class! Depending on the timing, I’ll even try to integrate a few of your weekly videos (about 13 weeks until the end of our semester!

    Until later!
    hazak, hazak, vineet, hazek!

    P.S. – I may have remembered that incorrectly from the Israel tour, but I think that was the Hebrew for “strong, strong, together we’re strong!”

  8. I am currently in a FB group reading through the Bible in 90 Days. I’ve never been successful reading it through in a year do what made me think I’d be able to do it in 90days? Doing this in community is huge!! Reading much larger sections at a time has made it flow much better. Using a dramatized audio bible and have someone else do all the pronunciations freed me to follow along and focus on what is happening. We are halfway through!! This class series is so exciting I can’t even put it into words. Thank you, Brad for putting this out there!!

  9. A very sincere thanks for providing a way for me to understand God’s word. It truly is helping me to grow in my faith and walk closer to God especially right now with the journey Ed and I are on.

  10. Your new teaching series looks/sounds incredible, and I know you’ve put a LOT of work into. Thank You! I’m excited to begin this study. I’ve struggled in the past with different types of study materials, and feel this will be a more in-depth and personal one!

  11. I am new to your teaching and it is so helpful. What i love about this is that youmake it so simple and the visual i love. The teaching on grapes in the desert was wonderful especialy the newbax or the deer and the sliding door. I am learning about trust in this season we are in it is very scary time now. Thankyou

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