My First Children’s Book Releases TODAY!

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For the last 8 years, I’ve been reading children’s books to my kids. On many occasions, I thought, “I could do that.” And then a few months ago, while looking for another creative outlet, I decided it was time for me to “do that.”

So I began to create with the three factors in mind that I believe make a great kids book … (1) it needs to be short – I’d rather read five, three-minute books to my younger kids, rather than a fifteen-minute book, (2) it needs to have some rhythm, and (3) it needs to have killer illustrations.

So I tackled the first two, and then hired my good friend, Alexandra, to do the illustrating part, because that was clearly out of my league. And WOW, did she ever do a phenomenal job! The illustrations are absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait for you to see them and read the book!

And today you can, because today is the official launch of “Sun, Sun!”

The story is written for kids ages 2-6 (though Xyler, my 1-year-old loves reading it, as well as Denyon, my 8-year-old), and it’s about the beginning of summer and the joy of a day at the beach through the eyes of three children. And since this week is the official start of summer, what better time than now to release a kids book about summer?

The book is available in both eBook and Paperback editions in the Amazon Store HERE.

And here’s the really great news! The eBook is available for FREE (yep, that’s right!) for 2 days – TODAY and TOMORROW (and then it bumps up to its retail price of $2.99). So don’t delay. Download it immediately while it’s FREE (and share the news with your family and friends)!

Furthermore, with every purchase, you’ll receive a FREE “Sun, Sun” Coloring Book of all of the illustrations used in the book for you and your kids to add your own color and creativity to. Wahoo!


My goal is to make this an Amazon Bestseller, which would propel the possibility of expanding this into a series (it’s all created in my head and some of it’s on paper). Two things contribute to this … (1) Number of Reviews, and (2) Sales.

Would you be willing WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK to leave an honest review on Amazon? My original goal for the book was to have more than 100 reviews within the next week, but I’m hoping we blow that goal right out of the water (with it being FREE for 2 days and with your help spreading the word, I know we can do it)!

And it’s really quick and easy to leave a review on Amazon, because (1) Amazon makes it easy, and (2) your review doesn’t have to be long. It can be as short as a sentence or two. And when you give your review, don’t mention anything about me; just write what you thought about the book.

Furthermore, I’ll likely be pulling lines from reviews to use in the book’s description (“Here’s what readers are saying about this book …”). So if you’re creative with words, bring it!

Once you see the digital version, I’m hoping you’re going to want a physical copy. I received my paperback proof last week and I was stunned by the phenomenal print quality and texture of the book, as well as how ridiculously amazing the illustrations looked (the cover size is 8×10, which means when the book is open, the 2-page spread illustrations are 16×10). Would you be willing to consider purchasing a physical copy of the book, and also consider purchasing a second copy to bless someone else?


  1. Download the FREE eBook now, and please leave an honest Amazon Review as soon as you’re able.
  2. Consider purchasing a physical copy for you and for someone else.
  3. Share the news on social media and with your friends and family (especially while the eBook is FREE).

MOST IMPORTANTLY … I hope you enjoy reading this book. And if you have kids or grandkids, I hope this book creates sweet moments of reading time with them. This is why I wrote the book, because I wanted to have something fun to contribute to the reading times with my kids, and to create something that others would enjoy as well.

Again, the book is available in both eBook and Paperback editions in the Amazon Store HERE.

Thank You and Enjoy!


P.S. The eBook can be read with the Free Kindle App on any smartphone or tablet (available in the App Store connected to your device). It can also be read on any computer with the Free Kindle App (for Mac’s, download HERE; for PC’s, download HERE).

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