Episode 072 – The Lord’s Prayer Pt 8: Temptation and Deliverance

The part of the Lord’s Prayer that asks God not to “lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil” has created a lot of confusion. Even Pope Francis has sought to modify this language. Is God in the habit of leading us into testing and temptation? Is there a difference between the two? And how are we to understand the moments when Jesus was tempted? In this episode, we answer these questions, as well as addressing the reality that when we focus on Jesus’s divinity at the expense of his humanity, we fail to understand how brutally difficult his own trials and temptations wereBut when we understand this, and what he did to overcome, we learn how to do the same in our own lives. 

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching? 
  • Knowing that there is a difference between temptation and testing, does this change your perspective on this part of the Lord’s Prayer? How so? 
  • When have you gone through a situation where you felt like God was testing you? What was it? Do you feel you were faithful to God’s will through it? What did you learn through it? 
  • Knowing that temptation is something we all face, when are you most susceptible to temptationDo you have a strategy to deal with temptation that prevents you from falling prey to it 
  • Like Jesus, when have you gone through a test that you asked the Father to take away from you? What happened, and what did you learn 
  • Knowing you may not see the victory of your testing in this life, will you look at things differently? Will you act differently?  
  • How will you begin living out the truths of this teaching this week? 

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  1. It shows all the humanity thatJesus feels, asking God to take it all away, feeling overwhelmed. But…God don’t lead us to it without leading us through it, especially His son! He walks it out, make me realize how much I can ensure that is minor compared to what Jesus faced. Wow, what a good eye opener.

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