Episode 049 – The Sabbath Pt 1: A Theology of Work

Mark Buchanan once wrote, “In order to keep the Sabbath well – to embrace the rest of God – we need a right view of work. Without a rich theology of labor, we’ll have an impoverished theology of rest.” I couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re launching this Sabbath series by exploring the dignity of work, what the Bible has to say about it, and how we’re supposed to approach it in our relationship with God. Buckle up. This series is going to be quite a ride!

Discussion Questions

  • What was your biggest takeaway from the teaching? 
  • In what ways has God gifted you specifically to work for His glory?
  • How do you view your work? Is it a burden, where you find your significance, or a form of worship?
  • Have you been allowing your work to define your identity? If so, in what ways?
  • Do you love the work you do, or at least like it? If not, is there something you can do to change that in this season?
  • Have you ever considered that you, in the work you are in now, are in full-time ministry? How can you live out this calling more this week as you seek to worship God with your work?

For Further Study

  • H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick – Chapter 6 addresses the Identity/Calling/Assignment aspect of this teaching.

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  1. Man this was good, Brad! Such an encouraging message and true to the Word. Love how you pointed out that work was created before the fall, and is an act of worship!

  2. What did YEHOVAH really mean in the Hebrew to -not “eat” from the tree?
    Could it be not to “partake” of the influence of that tree because the fig leaves, not apple leaves, were used to cover not the mouth but the —-loins?
    Do we lose sight of the fact that Paul is allowing the Gentiles to access the TORAH now, via Jesus, not by sacrificial lambs etc; thus by “faith” to them whereas the Jews were commanded to do TORAH, thus Good works, works which brought them the Hebrew concept of being saved daily and not eternally as we were taught?
    YEHOVAH prepared in -advance—-TORAH, acts 15!
    Why do we teach that to do work for God it has to be in Theological ministry when if one walked loving TORAH where they are,it is the same as God promised as to be a blessing in all areas of ones life?
    Living the gospel says more than preaching it, as anyone can do that. Living it is much much harder when starting our!

  3. Brad!

    I had the honor of hearing you teach several times in Orlando, FL, at Discovery Church in the past. You are a very gifted teacher. Thank you for The Teaching Series!! 🙂

  4. The distinction between IDENTITY–CALLING–ASSIGNMENT is a powerful insight … and a useful one too.
    Thanks for sharing it. It’s spurred me to read the ‘H3 LEADERSHIP’ book … and us it in my teaching.

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