Welcome to The Teaching Series. Below you will find short biblical teachings approx. 8-18 minutes in length. Great for small groups, teams, family devotions, etc. Accompanying each teaching are discussion questions for personal or group use. You can also leave comments and share via social media. New video teaching released every Tuesday.


Episode 012 – Everything Is Intentional

One thing I’ve learned about Jesus is that nothing is random. It’s utterly remarkable how his words and actions tie into the Old Testament story and then propel the overall story forward. Take Luke 7. Jesus raises a widow’s son


Recent Videos

Episode 011 – To Live Is To Give

The Sea of Galilee is bursting with life and vitality. The Dead Sea is toxic and nothing can survive. And yet they’re both fed by the same source – the Jordan River. How can this be? The answer is utterly fascinating, and


Episode 010 – Make Music With What Remains

I’m a really hopeful person, especially on the heels of celebrating the resurrection. But at times, I despair about the condition of our world and the struggles of life. Perhaps you do as well. That’s why


Episode 009 – Victory In The Garden (Resurrection)

The Resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in human history, and each of the gospel writers tell the story in a way to highlight different aspects. This teaching explores how John records it